Token Economy

Given the big traction and overwhelming feedback I have received for the book Token Economy, I thinking about pivoting from my originaly plan to write a completely new book on purpose-driven tokens and DAOs and integrate the new content I have started to write into the exiting book as a third (amended) edition.

I am thinking to integrate the vision for the new book into the current one. The use cases i started analyzing for the new book will be integrated in part 4 of the current book where I will replace some more outdated use cases with new ones and also bring more structure to the analysis of these use cases. I could also update and enhance parts 1–3.

If you read the book and have suggestions on how to improve the next edition, please leave your comments below or click on this typeform link to answer some questions:




Author of ‘Token Economy’ Founder @tokenkitchen @blockchainhub & @crypto3conomics// Artist

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Shermin Voshmgir

Shermin Voshmgir

Author of ‘Token Economy’ Founder @tokenkitchen @blockchainhub & @crypto3conomics// Artist

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